Why you should own a hybrid vehicle

Oct. 23, 2022

In Kenya, hybrid cars are becoming more popular by the day due to the shooting fuel prices in the last year. Some Kenyans on the contrary still shy away from purchasing hybrid cars due to myths such as high maintenance aside from the purchase price.

Over time, due to hybrid cars becoming more common, the manufacturers' prices have become more affordable for the average driver.

We have highlighted a few reasons why you should buy a hybrid car.

What is a hybrid car?

A hybrid vehicle has a combination of a normal petrol engine and an electric motor that help to move the vehicle. In some instances, the electric motor is used entirely and in other instances, the petrol engine, but mostly they work together which results in less fuel consumption.

The electricity supplied by the high-voltage battery pack in addition to the car's normal battery is recharged by capturing energy from deceleration that would otherwise be lost due to heat generated by the brakes in normal petrol-engine cars.

Increased Fuel Efficiency

Did you know for short journeys and low speeds, hybrid cars use no fuel at all?

Most hybrid cars are self-charging which means they have regenerative braking technology. In short, you travel more using pure electric energy as compared to fuel.

Less Maintenance

There is less strain on the engine due to the automatic switching off of the engine in hybrid cars and also to regenerative braking parts. They also have a longer oil change interval because the combustion engine is not used as often, resulting in less maintenance costs.

Regenerative Braking System

Every time you hit the brakes of a hybrid car, it helps charge the battery. Energy is released when an internal mechanism kicks in and this in turn helps charge the battery.

This automatically reduces the amount of fuel spent and reduces the wear and tear of brakes.

Better Resale Value

Hybrid cars are known for offering maximum utility with good overall reliability. With the cost of fuel hitting Sh163 per litre for diesel cars and up to Sh178 for petrol cars, as announced by EPRA, there is an undeniable increase in demand and popularity for these cars.

Considering their low running costs and affordable Hybrid maintenance to comprehensive Hybrid battery warranties, residual values are on average 4% higher than conventional cars

Environment Friendly                                                                                                                                                                      

Hybrid cars are powered by two different types of energy which are gasoline and electricity. They also use the same gasoline as regular cars but because of their fuel efficiency, they use less and hence burn less carbon.


Apart from their high level of efficiency, hybrid cars convert up to 80% of the energy produced to power, unlike their normal standard petrol-diesel which convert only up to 30% of the same.

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