A simple guide on how to maintain a hybrid car

Nov. 1, 2022

Hybrid cars have different maintenance schedules. [iStockphoto]

Hybrid cars are becoming relatively popular due to improved gas mileage and less fuel consumption.

It is important to note that hybrid cars have different maintenance schedules but are equally as essential as other cars. Understanding what that means, can keep your vehicle running for years.

We have listed a few tips that will help your hybrid car to keep running smoothly.


Like any standard vehicle, brakes are the most important safety feature in hybrid cars. Due to their regenerative braking system, brakes of hybrid cars may have better life but need to be checked at least twice a year.

According to Stephen Chimasiah, Head of Aftersales at Autochek, depending on your hybrid vehicle, you may be able to go more than 100,000 kilometers before having to replace your brakes, compared to the 50,000 to 60,000 miles of other vehicles.

Oil Changes

Ensure the fluids which include brake fluid, engine oil and coolant are checked after a period of time without fail.

Most hybrid cars have a transmission fluid, located beneath the vehicle, that should also be checked. Consistent oil changes ensure prolonged engine life.

Inspect Tires

Just like any other vehicle, car tyres eventually wear out, but a lot can be done to ensure tyres last longer and give you better service as a car owner.

This can be achieved by ensuring that your car’s tyres are inflated to correct pressure to avoid more consumption of fuel.

Rotating tyres by having the rear tyres brought forward but remain on the same side, while front tyres should be moved to the back of the car and crossed from one side to the other, for example, your front left tyre will become your rear right tyre. This ensures even tyre wear and makes them last longer.

Battery Maintenance

One of the best ways to ensure a healthy battery lifespan is to make sure that the battery is not overheated. The vehicle’s auxiliary fan helps with that by ensuring the circulation of fresh air to cool the battery.

A poor-performing engine also puts a strain on the battery and runs its lifespan faster. This can be prevented by regular maintenance checks.


Having your car checked regularly by your mechanic is the best way to ensure your car’s parts last longer and you spend less on maintenance.

Autochek has reputable garage partners who will ensure your car is checked by experts to avoid uncertainty and give you peace of mind when on the road.

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